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Birthdate:Feb 13
Location:Sacramento, California, United States of America
Mole, Darb, neuroscientist, composer, violist, soccer player, amateur chef. Idealistic, random and improbable. Artist at heart, and yet Techer for life. Left med school to pursue a career as a civil rights attorney specializing in mental illness.

Formerly: Unofficial Meddling Amateur Of Caltech; Unofficial Composer in Residence, Keck School of Medicine; Just Another Pseudo-Intellectual Coffeehouse Bum.
Presently: Baking Cakes of Justice.

2004-2005: Stealing Isaac See's identity. Or buying most of it.
2005-2006: "Four more years! Four more years!" Can't seem to leave SoCal...
2006-2007: "Undead, yes! Unperson, no!"
2007-2008: "No conspiracy. They ARE all out to get you, but that doesn't mean they're conspiring."
2008-2009: All roads lead to Rome, as long as you don't mind circling past Bora Bora on the way.
2009-2010: To the fullest extent of the law.
2010-2011: "...people like me who are trying to bake cakes of justice."
2011-2012: Winning pie-eating contests... where the prize is more pie.
2012-2013: Not being bored to death.
2013-2014: There are no speed bumps in Sacramento, but there are speed humps, speed lumps, speed tables...
2014-2015: At least as moral as Orly Taitz.
2015-2016: Waiting for Godot.
2016-2017: ?????

Version: 3.1
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